Hiring the Room

It is our intention, and our hope, that the Community Room is fully used!

If you would like to hire the Room for a meeting or a community group, please ring Sarah King on 07518 437488 or e-mail St. Michael's Church Office and we'll put you in touch with Sarah.

We can tell you how many people it can hold comfortably, and also discuss costs and rules.

The property is very close to houses and flats in Paprika House and the surrounding area, so we need to be considerate to all our neighbours. We therefore cannot allow parties etc. that are likely to have amplified music. As the Room is carpeted and has upholstered seating, it may be unsuitable for messy activities - but that makes it ideal for comfortable meetings!

The lease allows the Room to be used between 9am and 8.45pm on weekdays, 10am and 8pm on Saturdays and between 10am and 4pm on Sundays. Use is not permitted on Bank and Public Holidays. Any change in these hours requires approval by resolution at a General Meeting of the Residents' Management Company.