All Saints and All Souls

All Saints and All Souls Window

On Sunday 3rd November we will celebrate the festivals of All Saints and All Souls. It's important that we thank the Lord for all saints in Christian history who have guided us in the faith - the saints recorded in the Bible; those who wrote the treasury of scripture and Christian literature, and those whose lives have been a model of Godly living. Then there are the saints alive today - including us, because a "saint" is a disciple of Christ and part of His worldwide Church.

In the same service, we will thank the Lord for all souls we have known and loved; family, friends and colleagues who have meant so much to us, taught us, guided us, cared for us - and in our service at 10.15am on that day we are able to remember them by name. During October, a list will be placed at the back of the church for people to write down the names of their loved ones remembered, and we will read them out as we pray during this service. We do this every year.