Colchester Foodbank

Colchester Foodbank logoColchester Foodbank is a charity operating in the Colchester area to help people who are experiencing a short-term financial crisis. The Foodbank collects food given by individuals, churches, schools and other organisations and sorts it into food boxes. Vouchers which can be exchanged for a foodbox are held by a range of organisations and charities to whom people might turn to for help in a time of need, and they are given to people who at that time have no other means of obtaining food for themselves and their families.

Typical cases where help is provided are where there is a delay in benefits arriving, loss of employment, domestic violence, loss of income, theft, or a large unexpected expense, although there is a wide range of causes.

Here is a list of items the Foodbank would appreciate receiving in the harvest parcels  - thank you.


Milk (UHT or powdered) Cereal Tinned soup
Fruit juice (Long life or carton) Pasta sauces Baked beans
Rice pudding (tinned) Sponge pudding (tinned) Tomatoes (tinned)
Pasta/rice (1kg) Tinned vegetables Tea bags
Instant mash potato Tinned meat/fish Sugar (500g)
Biscuits or snack bars    


Please ensure items have use-by dates of at least three months away so that they can be stored and used in rotation.