Beacon House

Beacon House logoBeacon House is a Christian agency, based on East Hill, Colchester, offering a wide range of holistic services to those in need, in an atmosphere of acceptance and care. These include health services, such as a nurse-led clinic, showers, washrooms, laundry, a clothing store and toilets. Day beds are also provided for homeless people who are ill but not sick enough to be admitted to hospital.

Here is a list of items Beacon House would appreciate receiving in the harvest parcels - thank you.


Clothing Toiletries Other items
Men's boxers - sizes small and medium Shampoo - 200/300ml size Sleeping bags
Men's jeans - waist sizes 30 - 36" Men's and ladies' spray deodorant Blankets
Tracksuit/jogging bottoms - all sizes Twin-bladed razors Rucksacks/holdalls
Men's trainers/shoes - sizes 8 - 12 Shower gel Biscuits
Men's winter coats Shaving foam/gel Toilet rolls
Ladies' winter coats Toothpaste Coffee
Ladies' bras - all sizes   Dettol anti-bacterial spray
Ladies' knickers - all sizes    
Men's baseball caps