Beacon House

Beacon House logoBeacon House is a Christian agency, based on East Hill, Colchester, offering a wide range of holistic services to those in need, in an atmosphere of acceptance and care. These include health services, such as a nurse-led clinic, showers, washrooms, laundry, a clothing store and toilets. Day beds are also provided for homeless people who are ill but not sick enough to be admitted to hospital.

Here is a list of suggested items to select from for inclusion in a harvest parcel, but for the latest information on what Beacon House needs right now, please click here to go to their website. Thank you.


Clothing Toiletries Other items
Men's stretch cotton boxers Shampoo - 200/300ml size Sleeping bags
Men's jeans Men's and ladies' spray deodorant Blankets
Men's jogging bottoms Twin-bladed razors Toilet rolls
Men's hoodies Shower gel Biscuits
Ladies' underwear Shaving foam/gel Tinned tomatoes
Trainers/shoes Toothpaste Coffee
Baseball caps Toothbrushes Tea bags