Christingle logoChristingle services are held in schools and churches across the UK to celebrate children and to show support for children in difficult and desperate situations. The idea was started by The Children's Society nearly fifty years ago; a charity which seeks to "defend, safeguard and protect the childhood of all children and young people" by fighting poverty, neglect and exploitation, and helping to give children a life they deserve.

The highlight of the service is the lighting of the Christingle, a special candle made from using an orange, red ribbon, dried fruits & sweets, and a candle, to help teach the importance of the Gospel and the love God has for us through His Son Jesus Christ. Each part of the Christingle is significant and symbolic:

An orange - to represent the world
A red ribbon - indicates the love and blood of Jesus Christ
Dried fruits & sweets - symbolise God's glorious creations; the fruits of the earth; the four seasons
A candle, when lit - symbolises Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, who overcomes darkness

Our Christingle in 2021 took place at 10.15am on Sunday 12th Decembe 2021.

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