Would You?

The Reverend Ray Gibbs shares a beautiful poem by Vicki Lambdin.

Would You?

Would you die for Jesus, the way He died for you?
Or, would you bow your head and say, "This, I can't do?

What if Jesus, Himself, said to His Father, up above,
"Why do I have to die for them? They lack in Faith, and Love?"

What if our Heavenly Father said; "Son, I'll spare you from the cross.
You don't have to perish for the sinners that are lost."

It would be sad, for all of us, to look into the face
of our Father, up above, without His Saving Grace.

God could have said, "I don't think it's wise
to punish My Son, for their wicked demise."

But, I'm so glad that God told His Son,
"It's a huge sacrifice. But, it has to be done."

 For God loved us so much, He let His Son take our place;
when He died on that cross, for the whole human race.

Easter's when Jesus arose from His grave,
sacrificing His own life, so that we could be saved.

I am indebted to the author of this poem, Vickie Lambdin.

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