Walk with Jesus

First published April 2017

The Reverend Ray Gibbs reminds us to celebrate Easter for the right reason. 

Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says Christ died on the cross on Good Friday and came back to life three days later.

A lot of us may chomp on chocolate eggs at Easter, but originally eating eggs was not allowed by the church during the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy Week). So any eggs laid that week were saved and decorated to make them 'Holy Week eggs' then given to children as gifts. The Victorians adapted the tradition with satin covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts. The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century but were bitter and hard. As chocolate-making techniques improved, hollow eggs like the ones we have today developed. (Source: CBeebies)

What are your plans for Easter? Is God in it - or will the Easter bunny win against the empty tomb? Will you have walked with Jesus into Jerusalem, shared a meal with him; seen his arrest and the mockery of a trial, and then watched from afar as they murdered him? Killed by the Romans, the cruellest of deaths, the Governor washing his hands of the whole affair, his body then hidden and sealed away in a cave under armed guard, and then...Jesus walks, Jesus talks, he is alive with the wounds of his death clear for all to see.

You couldn't make it up, could you? Don't miss it. The whole story is there for you to see and hear, here in St. Michael's. Why would you miss the greatest story that there has ever been?

A very holy and happy Easter to you all.