November - A Month to Think About

First published November 2016

The Reverend Ray Gibbs reminds us that the light of Jesus Christ shines bright even when the world seems dark.

We begin with All Saints and All Souls; the gunpowder plot; Remembrance; shoeboxes; Christmas trees and Advent Sunday, plus a whole new year of Bible readings begins: year A. Dotted in between we have people of Church history: Hilda of Whitby, Martin of Tours, Clement of Rome, plus lesser known people such as Martin of Porres; Willibrord of York; Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Catherine of Alexandria, (the real Catherine Wheel of the 5th November), plus many more. November is a month to think about many people and many things, not least 1916 and the horrors of war!

But I would have us focus on one thing: 'Christ the King'. A recent addition to the Church’s year (1925), it takes everything we have heard throughout the year and brings it into focus. Despite all the history, good and bad (and there is real horror in the paragraph above), what do the words ‘Christ the king’ mean to you? To me, they are everything, how about you?

The world is a grim place, history shows it, and all of our media declares it at every turn, but somehow it is not so bad when you acknowledge that Christ is king. There is warmth in the cold, and light in the darkness, and you will find that this world is not lost, but won. Find Jesus, and let him into your life, and let him know that he is your king, and you will see the approaching Advent in the light, and it will mean so much more, just as Christmas does when it is seen with the eyes of an innocent child.

Think and see that Christ is king!


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