New Year Resolutions: Pray and Listen

First published January 2017

The Reverend Ray Gibbs reminds us to make our New Year resolutions in conversation with God.

What can be written about a New Year resolution that has not been written before? Not much probably! What can be written about a New Year’s resolution in a Christian sense, I wonder? Where to begin, surely, is in a conversation with God, (notice I said a conversation, not telling him), for with him all things are possible, especially if they are good.

One saying that I like is: ‘The past is your lesson, the present is your gift, and the future is your motivation’. Most of us make a resolution because in our past we have gone a little bit wrong, so now, in the present, at the beginning of a New Year, we cannot wipe the slate clean, but we can start the process of trying to put things right; and achieving something positive is the motivation we need. 

So go ahead, make your resolution, but pray about it first and listen to your prayer, and write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future, so actually believe it, and make as many resolutions in prayer as you want, but be prepared to be challenged by the answers.


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