Here I am Lord!

First published September 2017

The Reverend Ray Gibbs asks us to think prayerfully on how we could and should be changing to serve God in a new way. 

If Jesus sent his people into the world to be disciples who make disciples by baptizing, teaching, and then sending them to go teach others, and we are not doing that, haven’t we failed somewhere?  Is the church even a church, biblically speaking, if we are not engaged in the community around us, and in Christ’s name, helping, healing and holding?

We hear about ‘conversion’, a popular topic in the New Testament, and we think it’s all about converting the ‘outsiders’ and assume that is mission.  In fact, the majority of conversion language used in the New Testament is aimed at followers of Jesus, Christians just like us.  Sure, we’re asked to ‘change’ when we agree to become Christian and follow Christ, but our conversion(s) happens continually as we get to know Him, and in that relationship we are asked to change even more.

And that leads us to acknowledge that mission isn’t so much about conversion as serving, but serving deliberately and intentionally (though not insensitively or offensively) in Christ’s name and through his power.

So, you are in those paragraphs above somewhere; for one of our number, Hazel Greenland, God has been moving in her and through her, and she is about to change once more as she puts all that she has learned and theorised in to practice.  Hazel has a new role in God’s church, exciting isn’t it, but have you thought that that could be you?  Maybe not in Hazel’s new role, but in something, and indeed the words: “God knows” are exactly the right ones, He does indeed know, but have you a listening ear, and a willing heart to hear and feel his presence prompting you?

Think on these words prayerfully at least once every day of September.  There are no barriers to serving God, only those that you put there:

“Here I am Lord, Is it I, Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if You lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.”