Have Faith in Jesus

First published April 2018

The Reverend Ray Gibbs reminds us of the Easter promise.

Easter and April Fools’ Day, what a collision.  Easter, where we make that leap, which is called faith, and where every individual makes the choice: did he rise, or did he not?  There is no sitting on the fence or hedging your bets, this is it, either you have faith in Jesus and what he did for you, or you don’t. What the resurrection of Jesus promises is that things can always be new again. It’s never too late to start over, nothing is irrevocable. 

I know it is easier living with the known, living in the past, living safe, and there was a time when I would seek God in the theologies, devotions, and mediations of the past, and it took a while for me to realise that all of these scholarly and learned books that I read, and all the wonderful music I listened to, meant nothing, unless they pointed me to Christ’s saving work today. Any act which breaks through prejudice and fear; any new bond of friendship across cultural divides; a new genuine smile every day, help to bring the fullness of life to all of us; it is a glimpse of the dawn of the resurrection.

If we as a church are to share and be a witness to the resurrection, then we must be free from fear.  There is too much fear these days in the church, in the world and within us. There is too much fear of making mistakes, of not being approved of, a fear that so often extinguishes a joy that should puzzle us and fill us and others with wonder and awe. Christ is Risen! 

This good news, this Easter story, this wonder, assures us that God never gives up, even when we give up on ourselves. God is with us! This resurrection of Jesus means we can move beyond bitterness and fear, no matter our age, our mistakes, betrayals, wounds, and deaths, we can begin each day afresh. We are the Easter people!


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