Change is a Challenge

First published January 2018

The Reverend Ray Gibbs considers change as a challenge to be embraced.

The month of January (Ianuarius in Latin) is named after the Latin word for door (ianua), so we literally open the door on a ‘New Year’. Sitting in my office on a very cold December day, I wonder what we will discover on the other side of the door as we see out 2017, and walk through in to 2018. As always there seem to be more questions than answers: for St. Michael’s there is a step into something new, with the teaming up of 4 Benefices (9 churches); what sort of resolution should we make for that?

I believe that change is a challenge to be embraced, so we should resolve to do all that we can to make it work. And what about you, what are you going to do to make your life, or the lives of others better? What promise are you going to make to yourself?

There was an old sailor my grandfather knew,
who had so many things he wanted to do,
that just when he thought it was time to begin,
he couldn’t, because of the state he was in.

A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not to do something. Can you leave the old year content that nothing should change? Have you the courage to change something in your life for a better future? Remember, the happier and more content you are in your life, the better the effect upon those around you. So, I urge you to open the door in 2018 and listen. St. Vincent de Paul wrote this about going through the door: ‘All beginnings are somewhat strange; but we must have patience, and, little by little, we shall find things, which at first were obscure, becoming clear’.


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