Are You Ready?

First published March 2018

Reverend Ray Gibbs urges us to prepare for the truth of Easter.

So this month is covered by Lent and Holy Week, you’ll wake up in April and it will be Easter Day, for now we content ourselves with our Lenten reading (I hope), and our Lent course: what an eye opener on one side of modern life.  What a talent Ken Loach is, in bringing us a masterpiece of a film in: “I, Daniel Blake”.  It tugs at so many emotions as we look at the final year of Daniel’s life, killed by a heartless bureaucracy that is the system used by the Department of Work and Pensions; but Daniel is a work of fiction created by the author, Paul Laverty.

However, 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth, Emmanuel, God with us, was stamped out of existence as a human being by a heartless, totally ruthless system employed by the Jews and the Roman Empire working in collusion: that was real.

Eternal Life?  Victory over Death?  Resurrection?  These themes are part and parcel of the Easter story; but many would rather have chocolate eggs and bunnies than be confronted with the earth shattering and life changing reality of Jesus rising from the tomb on the third day after his death.  So, get ready, celebrate Lent, and use it to prepare yourself for this Easter. Don’t be an April fool, be a fool for Christ instead, and get yourself ready to hear the bible readings of surprise and wonder and get in tune to sing the songs of victory over death.  Perhaps it’s time to truly listen to the story of God’s intervention and transformation, and learn that death doesn’t ultimately have a sting, and live your lives as victors not as the vanquished.  For Christ will Rise, Hallelujah, He will rise indeed!

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