Plug into God's Power

First published May 2018

The Reverend Ray Gibbs reminds us to use God's power in our lives.

Do you ever feel like you're not good enough?  Like you don't measure up?  Maybe it's because of life’s circumstances that have held you back, or maybe it's because of those voices you hear that keep pointing out all your flaws.  Do you feel weak?  If you're anything like me, it's easy to think that there's no way God could really use someone as messed up as us.  But what we often miss out on is how God actually views us, and how He actually works.  When God looks at us, He doesn't see someone who isn't good enough, He isn't one of the voices pointing out flaws, instead, He is encouraging us that His power is right there, available to us, ready to flow through us, even in our weakness.

There are no circumstances or flaws in you that are holding you back from experiencing the power of God in your life, it's right there, available to be plugged into, and when we do, the lights will come on, and everyone around you will know. Study and prayer are the key. The Bible is packed with stories about nobodies who became somebody’s; the history of the church is full of nobodies who became somebody’s. Some did small things, some did big things, but they all began by listening to that still small voice within.  All of you who read this have been gifted by God, and God is asking you to use that gift, for it is not the month of May-be, but the month of May-I. 


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