Newsletter 5th July


Sunday 5th July

We’re going to meet again!

Our Government have now given the green light for services to take place in Church – hooray! There are many pages of rules to abide by, and we’re currently working through them and making our plans. Read on, and we’ll tell you how we’re tackling this complicated process.

Sundays on Zoom

It’s likely to be a couple of weeks before we get together in Church on Sunday mornings, so we are continuing our Zoom services at 10:15am. It’s been really great to welcome around 40 people each week (plus a few dogs and cats!) and to hear many people involved in readings and prayers. We’ve had some interesting talks from Ray, Hazel, Sarah and John, and even managed to sing (to ourselves) some lovely hymns.


We even share the Peace – and here’s the happy snap taken whilst we were doing that last Sunday. It’s also good to chat after the service, and catch up with everyone’s news. It’s sometimes quite a wrench to click the ‘leave’ button when it’s time to go, but thankfully there’s no limit to the time we can spend in our ‘virtual Church’, so feel free to chat away.



Let’s make the most of the remaining weeks, as we look forward to seeing everyone in person. The Zoom Room opens at 10am, so that we’re all in ‘Church’ for a prompt start at 10:15am.

Prayers of Intercession in this week’s service

Sarah will be leading intercessions this week, and asks that have a pen and paper with us. All will be explained…..


Now you can join by telephone!

For some of us, it’s not been possible to join us by computer, tablet or smartphone – so we’ve now made it possible to join the service using your phone. The number to dial is 0203 481 5240, then enter the meeting numbers when prompted. If you’re on a landline, it should be a local call charge (or free if you have an inclusive minutes contract) but ringing from a mobile will incur a charge unless you’re within your call allowance. But if you do dial in, you’ll be able to hear everyone – so give it a try!



Bible Study in the afternoon and evening this Thursday

We’re also in the Zoom Room on Thursdays for informal Bible Study. There are two different sessions, at 2:30pm and 7:30pm., for just an hour. Those attending in the afternoon decided to learn more about the life of St. Paul; the evening session is looking more generally at the Bible, but people may decide that we should focus on a book, a person or a topic. So just join in – either session or both – and be enthused and excited by the greatest and most inspired words ever committed to print.


Our next PCC is meeting on Monday 13th July

There are just two topics on the Agenda – the Church’s finances, and our plans for re-opening. If all goes well, we could be holding our first Sunday morning service in St. Michael’s on the following Sunday, 19th July, and of course we’ll keep you posted on that. Please pray for a good outcome on both matters.


Services in Church from this Sunday!

Yes, as part of our planning, to test our procedures, we are going to hold Evening Prayer in Church at 4pm this Sunday and next, 5th July & 12th July; and also at 4pm on Wednesdays 8th & 15th July. So if you’ve been yearning to get back to worship in our lovely Church building, join us there and then! The Church will therefore not be open for private prayer on other days of the week.


Hayward’s Hope

Sometimes whenever we feel the need to worship, meditate, praise, pray, we would value a little help. Then tune in to Hayward’s Hope in Isolation, our YouTube channel hosted by Sarah & Tim Hayward and family, for inspiration. It’s available 24/7 of course!



Bag 2 School will collect from the Halls on 16th July

Don’t forget that you can clear out unwanted textiles and raise money for the Church by bringing it to the Halls for ‘Bag 2 School’! If you have any good quality (not stained or ripped) adults’ & children’s clothes, paired shoes (tied together please), hats, belts, handbags or soft toys, bring them to Myland Parish Halls on any Wednesday or Thursday (until 15th July) between 9.30am and 12.30pm. Unfortunately, bedding, curtains, towels, household linen, bric-a-brac or school uniforms cannot be accepted.


And finally…. A reflection

by Revd John Chandler

A few years ago, a school changed its motto, because the Governors thought it too modern for the image they wished to have. It was “Audio Video Disco” – and I can understand what they meant, except that it is far from modern. It’s Latin for “I hear, I see, I learn”!

That’s on my mind because we’ve started our new Bible Studies. For millennia, people have learnt by listening to or reading God’s Word, and we remember that the word for one who learns – discovers, discerns – is Disciple, which just means that like us, Jesus’ disciples were Learners.

We look back on famous Biblical characters as special because of what they achieved and because they experienced Jesus’ life first-hand, but they certainly didn’t start out that way! Peter was a fisherman, and as a disciple of Jesus he first became famous for getting things wrong - he needed to learn how to learn. Few of the disciples were academic – in fact they were noted to be “unschooled, ordinary men” (Acts 4:13). Paul, on the other hand, was indeed academic – but needed a complete change of life and learning so that Jesus could use him in his ministry.

To learn, they first had to learn two things; to hear, we need to listen; and to see, we need to look. That’s obvious, you might think, but I beg to differ. A Vicar colleague told me, years ago: “When you get to a new place, make sure you get to see absolutely everything in the first six months. After that, you won’t notice a thing!” I know what he meant, but I hope that God’s wonderful world around us and the lovely people He has given us never become so familiar that I don’t appreciate them anymore. Or that Bible stories become so familiar that I don’t listen as carefully as I should. Discovery and discernment require the constant effort of looking and listening.

Are you still a Learner? Perhaps, if we want to learn something new every day, we need to make the positive decision to do so – which means training ourselves to look and listen in everyday lives, as there’s so much to know, to enjoy, to gain in life.

The old railway signs say ‘stop, look and listen’.  It’s a discipline worth learning!

Yours in His name,


Ray, Hazel, Sarah, John, Lesley, Jill, Sarah

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