Christmas Trees

Christmas starts early in Myland! On Advent Sunday, we always have our Lighting of the Christmas Trees Service, and that means we must decorate all the trees and put them up in the church on the Saturday morning. It is one of our busiest and happiest community events, with groups from the Church and from around Myland helping to fill St. Michael's with colour and sparkle.

Christmas tree and shoeboxes by the altarsWe usually start decorating at 10am, with plenty of festive refreshments to enjoy while we work. By 10.30 things are really starting to take shape; by 11 we’re pretty much done and by 11.30 we have a wonderful display of Christmas trees, and a glorious mess to clear away; but even that’s all part of the fun!

Our Lighting of the Christmas Trees Service is an event for all the family. We'll be switching on the Christmas tree lights, heralding the birth of the baby Jesus as we move closer to that most special day: when the greatest Light of all came into this world.

In 2021 our Lighting of the Trees Service took place on Sunday 27th November at 4pm, so we decorated the trees on Saturday 28th November. If you'd like to see some photographs from previous years, please click here.

The Christmas programme of services and activities for 2021 can be found by clicking here.