The churchyard at St. Michael's Myland, which surrounds the church building on all sides, became a "closed churchyard" in 2005.

This means that all available spaces for burials have been taken - either burials have taken place, or plots have been purchased by local residents for future burials. Management of the churchyard has therefore passed by law to Colchester Borough Council, who are responsible for its upkeep, including cutting the grass and managing the conservation area. A small area of the churchyard has been retained for the interment of cremated remains, which is available to all those who would otherwise qualify for burial in the churchyard.

On these pages, we tell you what to do if you would like information about the burials and interments already here; we provide the rules for using our churchyard (these are a matter of safety); and we also share with you a copy of a survey report of the churchyard which gives an interesting overview of the flora and fauna that flourishes here.

Photographs below by Simon Knightley