Our ASDA Chaplaincy

We interviewed the Reverend John Chandler about his ASDA chaplaincy:

Why an ASDA chaplain?

I have been serving ASDA as chaplain since 2005; the company have over 250 chaplains across the country, and are virtually the only large retail store chain to have chaplains. It's important to us in Myland that we support the enterprises in our parish, and so good that we are welcomed by ASDA management. The number of ASDA colleagues makes the store the size of a village - add customers, and it's the size of a town - so it needs its own vicar!

What do you do?

I spend a couple of hours a week walking the aisles and in the staff areas. It makes me available rather than people having to seek me out or get up the courage to make a phone call. Secondly, by meeting people occasionally and some of the colleagues almost weekly, people get to know your face and then yourself - and this builds an atmosphere of confidence, trust and reliability.

Will you go to other workplaces?

Whilst there's a limit to the amount of time I'll be able to devote to chaplaincy work, we do want to engage with companies in this way, and would want to respond positively to any requests we receive. 

Do you work alone?

No. I am part of the Essex WorkPlace chaplaincy team; I am one of a number of chaplains working in and around Colchester; I'm part of the parish staff team and of course am supported by the structure of the Church of England.

Thanks, John!