Restoration Appeal

In August 2015 we launched the St. Michael's Church Restoration Appeal. The aim of this appeal is to raise awareness of and money for the repair work needed to ensure this beautiful Victorian church remains standing for future generations.

Decades of exposure to the elements, and in particular 'acid' rain, have damaged the stonework, and the stained glass windows are bowing; just two issues of many that need specialist repair and protection.

We must now raise about £40,000 to at least make good the structure over the next few years; although restoration and maintenance work will, of course, be an ongoing requirement as we move towards 2020 and beyond.

In addition, in 2017, we were advised that more than £15,000 would be needed to fully repair our church organ which has been in use since 1912.

St. Michael's Church is not a 'listed' church and therefore does not have access to the usual heritage grants available for the protection of old buildings. Yet, for the Myland community, the church building is a significant landmark, and one that would be much missed should it ever crumble into disrepair.

We also do not receive any funding from the Government or any form of State aid; we have to find our own resources. The congregation digs deep to support this need, but the amount required exceeds even the fundraising undertaken by them.

Can you help us please?

We are currently undertaking a massive leaflet drop across the Parish of Myland. We ask you to please look out for the leaflet and to take a few minutes of your time to consider what it has to say. The leaflet explains more about the appeal and how you can send in a donation. It will also give you the opportunity to receive information about the Friends of St. Michael's Church group that we are currently establishing.

The leaflet will be delivered by members of our congregation and so it may take us a while to get to all the parish. If you have not yet received a leaflet (or if you live outside the parish) but would like to send in a donation to the church, please contact the Church Office, you'll find the details by clicking here. We will then make sure a leaflet is put through your letter box/sent to you. Please be assured, any money donated towards this appeal will only be used for restoring the fabric of the building.

You may also like to read about the Friends of St. Michael's, Myland; a group of volunteers that we are currently setting up.

Thank you.