Pray for Peace

First published August 2016

The Reverend Ray Gibbs wonders why the world allows history to repeat itself and urges us to pray for Peace.

I’m sitting writing this with a picture on my screen of a little 5 year old boy covered in dirt and his own blood sitting in an ambulance, another victim of Aleppo. It is mid-August, and I’m pondering next month.  What can be said about September?  Will this picture be a defining moment in the madness of the Middle East, as a picture of a Vietnamese child fleeing a napalm attack in the 1970’s?  Will the world begin to say: ‘enough!’, rather than provide the hardware for killing?

History is not on anyone’s side, as the Steve Turner poem goes: ‘History repeats itself.  Has to.  No one listens.’

It is the month of 9/11, and 100 years ago on the 11th September the Battle of Ginchy near the river Somme raged…and so on….in 1649 on the 11th September Oliver Cromwell massacred 3,000 at Drogheda, Ireland….and so on….in the year 9 on the 11th September at Teutoberg Forest Germanic tribes massacred three Roman legions killing 15-20,000….and so on.

God listens, God hears and weeps as we fall to the devil’s cunning, but we must have hope, we must pray, and we must speak out, for the battle for peace is won.  The cross of Jesus is a victory, the like of which will never be seen again, it is the victory of all victories when the power of evil was overthrown.  All we have to do is claim it, live it and speak it, and make the world listen.

So think and pray for Peace in this September, and banish the picture of a hurt and bewildered child to history, never to be repeated.  Amen.

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