Embrace the Christian Life

First published October 2016

The Reverend Ray Gibbs asks us to prepare for each day with prayer.

Well the clocks go back, and memories of summer fade away, and the days get shorter and the nights longer and darker; October and autumn are here. I quite like the season when nature gets ready to sleep, it is expectant; change is coming, even if it is winter, and change is exciting, full of the unknown, and ready to keep us on our toes.

Living a Christian life is very much like autumn, shedding the old, and being renewed and changed, but unlike a season, living a Christian life is a 24 hour, 365 day joy. It is not a task, it is a joy, an everyday joy.

Oh I know when it's cold outside the bed covers and the knees are stiff and the fingers take a while to gain their flexibility, the day does not start with a physical feeling of joy; but may I urge you to begin your day with these words, keep them on a slip of paper in the front of the book you are reading or on the bedside table:

‘As I rejoice in the gift of this new day, so, may the light of your presence, O God, set my heart on fire with love for you, now, and for ever.  Amen’

Then, you are ready to embrace the day, and the Christian life, and the life and changes that each day brings. Let the Spirit surge and soar within you, and let thoughts of joy and the excitement of change bring prayer to your day. Amen.

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